Visa Accelerated Connection Platform (ACP) enables acquirers to offer merchants faster access to the
next generation of payment innovation.
A flexible XML API connects POS terminals or payment gateways to the Visa payment network The Platform creates value by enabling accelerated revenue and reduced costs Visa ACP is available now to qualified acquirers and payment technology partners

Leverage existing merchant POS technology to support real-time offer redemption

Deploy point-to-point encryption and tokenization to secure consumer data

Support rollout and activation of mPOS solutions in new verticals and markets

Increases Consumer Volume
Increases consumer volume by offering faster access to future payment innovations from Visa
Increases Support to Merchants
Increases support to merchants by offering a single payment interface
Reduces Cost
Reduces costs by utilizing Visa's infrastructure and investments
“As soon as the number of smart phones increases beyond 2 billion, everything will change, and if acquirers do not innovate, innovation will come from unexpected third parties. Partnering with the network gives large acquirers standards and a framework for innovation, and it gives small acquirers access to scale and strategic differentiation”
Dr. Safwan Shah,
Founder and President, PayActiv, Inc
Visa is working to deliver the next generation of payments solutions, creating new ways to pay and be paid for everyone, everywhere. Connect to Visa and gain access to thousands of financial institutions, millions of merchants, more than 2 billion accountholders worldwide, and powerful payment innovations.
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This content depicts proposed concepts and models under continuing development. Features, functionality, schedules and implementation details may be subject to modification, delay or cancellation by Visa at its discretion.