Visa Data Secure Platform (DSP) is a suite of products designed to help merchants prevent sensitive account holder data from being compromised.
Visa DSP is made up of hardware and software point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization This can help reduce PCI compliance costs by protecting data in flight and at rest Hardware P2PE is available now and software P2PE and tokenization are on the roadmap

Deliver a standardized network solution for securing payments across all participants

Use tokenization to track sales data across retail locations and limit access to sensitive cardholder data

Combine P2PE and tokenization to minimize fraud

Lower PCI Cost Reduce PCI compliance cost by encrypting card data at every point of transaction
Increase Business Reputation Secures business reputation by reducing the risk of data being compromised
“The optimal solution for merchant security at point of sale is to encrypt or tokenize all the way to the network where it can be transmitted in a seamless and secure fashion”
Julie Conroy
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This content depicts proposed concepts and models under continuing development. Features, functionality, schedules and implementation details may be subject to modification, delay or cancellation by Visa at its discretion.