Visa Integrated Redemption Platform (IRP) enables fast redemption of offers at point of sale to improve
the consumer experience.
Prices are reduced in real time as part of the authorization flow and consumers notified at check out via receipt, SMS or email The platform enables increased revenue because it's simpler and more convenient for consumers Visa IRP is available now to participating acquirers and offer providers

Manage retail promotions across all retail outlets using a consistent redemption process

Enable all offer programs with a single redemption method

Track and measure program success with consolidated reporting

Increases Traffic
Increases traffic by enabling timely, personalized and real time offer redemption
Increases Transaction Volume
Increases transaction volume due to more redemptions at POS
Reduces Cost
Reduces cost with a turnkey solution utilizing Visa infrastructure
“The offer landscape is really fragmented, so the merchant really needs a service provider and a partner that can pull it all together in a simple solution. Offer redemption services give acquirers the springboard they need to transform their relationships with merchants”
Rick Oglesby
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This content depicts proposed concepts and models under continuing development. Features, functionality, schedules and implementation details may be subject to modification, delay or cancellation by Visa at its discretion.